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CORIX Smart Meter Installation for BC Hydro

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Karriere News Events Medien Kontakt. Solutions owing perfect pasta.

BC Hydro Hebt Den Hörer Die Rufnummer

Freshen up quality from the innovation leader. The Group has steadily developed new standards in the method chain from taste to finished pasta. Consequently, Bühler pasta production lines not only incorporate generations of know-how in making top- calibre pasta, but again an understanding of the best approach to handle the grain.

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Our finely tuned processes ensure that the product is gradually refined at each stage of the journey from grain to finished pasta. That means a responsible use of resources as well as improved profitability and new opportunities. Bühler is a global company with more than 10, em- ployees and a worldwide presence in over countries. We set ourselves high quality standards, covering every thing from the processed material to smart and user-friendly design, combining a sense of tradition with modernity and ensuring success and peace of mind for our customers.

With our extensive customer service, which covers the entire lifecycle of our pasta lines, we are more than just service providers: We are dependable partners. For over years, Bühler has been developing commercial production lines for making fine pasta. Where perfect pasta starts. If you need the perfect solution more info every recipe and raw material — Bühler offers two ways to produce the best dough possible.

BC Hydro Hebt Den Hörer Die Rufnummer

No matter what technology you choose, the result is always the best quality for excellent pasta. Traditional process, with state-of-the-art technology. This guarantees an absolutely hygienic and safe pasta production. The raw materials are processed into a homogeneous dough in about 20 seconds, before extruding through the consecutive main screw and the pasta die. This minimal air exposure reduces oxidation of yellow pigments for pasta that is bright and golden.

Steam and hot water injection can be added according to production needs for gluten-free pasta. That is why it is an ideal solution for semolina and flours from durum or common wheat, but also for other cereals.

For various raw materials — even gluten-free. This feature helps you keep downtimes to a minimum while BC Hydro Hebt Den Hörer Die Rufnummer recipes. Sanitation operations are simplified and reduced thanks to the self-cleaning of the mixer-kneader-system. In addition, the limited quantity of dough in the process chamber reduces waste at the end of production and ensures that the line can re-start quickly.

Proven technology for premium pasta quality. It can Single Wohnung Schmallenberg customized easily thanks to its modular design. The core concept is based on single drying elements that define the drying times in the different climate zones and, as a result, the length of the line.

Technological objectives for premium pasta quality with maximum throughput and efficient floor space utilization can thus be combined effectively. Proven drying technology at its best. This proven technology provides premium pasta quality with maximum throughput and efficient floor space utilization. Direction of flow changes from element to element. The modular design allows flexibility for various throughput applications. Optimal dust aspiration is achieved thanks to the smart positioning of fans in the main body and via the optional aspiration hood at the outlet of the shaking pre-dryer.

The strong performance of the pre-dryer results in up to six percentage points of moisture loss, avoiding deformation and sticking of the pasta before it enters the dryer. Optimal air distribution and heat insulation Air distribution is key to a homogeneous process and perfectly structured pasta.

In ad- dition to a technological advantage, the design of the dryers allows optimal operation of the fans with efficient electrical- energy consumption. The optimal performance of the dryer panels, with highly insulating materials and signature curved shapes, is ideal for the air distribution within the drying zone and delivers perfect sealing tension. Air can flow properly between the belt elements to ensure air distribution throughout the pasta layer for uniform dry- ing — irrespective of pasta shapes, bulk densities and belt loading.

Overall, the combination of these technological features provides uniform drying of the pasta with zero defects. Electronic monitoring of the dew point eliminates read article condensation, and gentle transportation with aluminum S-type elements keeps product abrasion to a minimum.

Together, this guarantees dust-free and hygienic process conditions in the cooler, while also maintaining the right cooling performance. The variable belt speed allows the cooling time to be adjusted according to the bulk density of various pasta shapes. The process ends with the moistening and cooling zones. For example, only one motor runs the line mechanics: In addition, the electronic control system ensures prompt information on line running status, because the stick transport is monitored by sensors placed in critical trans- fer spots.

This effect is maximized by the optimal performance of the panels: This results in con- stant management of fresh rework and subsequently enables finely-tuned dry-pasta cutting. Humidification zone The humidification zone prepares the pasta for the sub- sequent BC Hydro Hebt Den Hörer Die Rufnummer step.

Moisture is carefully increased in the outside layers to minimize the build-up of stress ten- sions during cooling.

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The moistening effect is obtained through proper management of air temperature and humidity, without direct water or steam addition. For example, in the stacker the system monitors the transfer of sticks to and from tiers with spe- cially positioned sensors; these ensure that sticks always land simultaneously on both ends. Stick return Stick-return systems are available in two versions: Each tier is controlled independently and will supply sticks to the spreader without stopping the dry pasta cutting operations.

BC Hydro Hebt Den Hörer Die Rufnummer number of tiers can be se- lected according to the line productivity and to the need for full discharge of the sticks from line and stacker. Cutter The Bühler dry pasta cutter reaches high capacities while maintaining accuracy and gentle product handling.

For example, a narrow pitch this web page the discharge chain holds the pasta more precisely and the cutting length is more accurate. Intelligent design of the cut pasta conveyor shakes off any residual broken pieces, which are col- lected with the dry trimmings, while the cut pasta is conveyed towards the discharge side of the cutter.

Innovative drying technology with energy savings. This technology puts customers a step ahead: Since energy costs make up a significant portion of the total costs of long-cut pasta production, these remarkable savings result in higher profit margins. The reliable and mechanically synchronized stick transport ensures high operational reliability.

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The pasta can be elevated more precisely within the multi-tier dryer, thus increasing reliability. The multi-tier design of the larger dryers fully exploits the reduced stabilization time, so that just click for source floor space is required.

The pasta dough proteins are optimally integrated in such conditions, resulting in a firm pasta texture. In addition, the stresses caused by shrinkage are re- duced to a minimum in the rubbery state. In the stabiliza- tion phase, the pasta color can be adjusted by selecting different temperatures.

Low mechanical complexity reduces installation and maintenance costs. Full control for maximum production reliability. For customers who are integrated along the supply chain, this results in clear advantages for training, supervision, troubleshooting and traceability.

Its job-handling feature makes it easier to plan pro- duction and increases the capacity utilization rate: More than 10 production processes can be covered by a single system. The comprehensive recipe-management system ensures optimal reproducibility of product formulas and consistent product quality at an unsurpassed level. This en- ables customers to completely trace all the production steps — from raw material and recipe versions to produc- tion batches and finished product.

Clear graphic visual- ization helps to detect and correct production problems early on. This prevents expensive downtimes and in- creases the efficiency and availability of your equipment. This allows you to intervene in the production process when- ever required. It minimizes operating errors and increases production line uptime. Food safety One important factor in pasta production is food safety.

Bühler plants guarantee compliance with strict hygiene requirements in all manufacturing steps. This is supported by modern control concepts that im- prove process documentation and allow production runs to be traced without gaps.

However, the automation solutions from Bühler not only provide maximum transparency, they also ensure that the plants run as economically and efficiently as possible.

The focus here is on optimum controlling of the processes for the smooth production of high-quality pasta products. And a global service.

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Our customers benefit from an extensive service network with a staff of more than 1, experts and more than 80 service stations around the globe — guaranteeing you peace of mind. Thanks to our comprehensive service expertise that enables you to focus on what you do best: The Bühler customer service is far more than just a phone number.

Bühler service starts long before you buy a production line.

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It begins with the development of processes and systems, based on a trust-based collaboration with our customers and tailored precisely to their needs. By experts who are not only specialized in their respective disciplines, but who can also turn their minds to a wide variety of processes here problems.

Experts who will support you from the very start throughout the entire life- cycle of your pasta plant with sound technological advice drawn from our extensive experience. The laboratories offer a broad range of analyses and testing of food and technical materials in order to in novate processes and improve equipment for our customers. In specialized seminars, participants learn about pasta process technologies and how to operate modern pasta equipment with maximum success The seminars link theory and practice directly.

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First, participants are given a thorough explanation of the theoretical background, then this is demonstrated in our well-equipped pasta pilot plant. Always on hand to sustain your business. These range from individual services to complete outsourcing of maintenance.

They are perfectly ad- justed and ensure performance and production safety. Specifications subject to change. Geschäftsbericht B Bühler leistet mit seinen industriellen Prozesstechnologien und -lösungen einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Welternährung.{/SYN}

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